Sunday, June 7, 2009

prison break is over

four year run is now finally over. love the ending eventough i was sad that my favourite actor died. prisonbreak shall remain in my heart forever. it was such a fantastic show coz it teaches me about hardwork and determination. i love all the cast of prison break espcially wentworth miller, dominic purcell, sarah wayne callies, amaury nolasco and the others. they are all humble and down to earth people. rest in peace michelle scofield. ur character shall be alwayz be remebered foreva. xoxo

Thursday, June 4, 2009

this is for fun

the very reason why i created a blog is because i was forced by my university to create a blog. not that i am from the IT specialist but i am from the accounting course which my course requires me to open a blog.
so whateva it is i am just creating this blog just for fun!! like i have the passion..... but i dont know, things might change, someday i might like to blog. well, time will only tell. so i will leave it up to the TIME. SWT!!
i think that is all fr me to blog for today. God knows when i will update my blog. till then tc n have fun alwayz<3